Monthly Website Maintenance Service

We will take care of the technical aspects of your website, while you focus on your business, knowing that someone has your website’s back.

About Our Service

Who Will Benefit?

WordPress Updating

We will update WordPress as new major versions becomes available.

Plugins Updating

Plugins will be updated over the weekend to prevent any downtime if an updated plugin should break the website.

Theme Updating

We will update the theme as a new version becomes available. We will alert the client if a theme has not been updated for more than 2 years.

Database Backup

We will backup the database every night. The database of WooCommerce websites will be updated four times per day

Optimise Database

Your database grows in size as your website grows. Optimising your database will remove any unnecessary data, decrease the size of your database, and allow it to operate faster.

Website Backup

We will backup your website once per week. WooCommerce websites will be updated 3 times per week.

Website Uptime Monitoring

We will monitor your website 24/7. We will receive a notification if your website goes down and will inform you accordingly to check with your hosting provider.

Weekly Report Monitoring

The security plugin sends a weekly summary of security related activity that it monitors. We will attend to matters as the need arise .

Security Scans

Depending on your maintenance plan, security scans will run monthly, weekly, or daily on your website. We will attend to any issues arising from the scans.

Blocking Malicious Usernames & IPs

We have a list of malicious usernames used by hackers and spammers. We add that to a list for immediate blocking

Maintaining Firewall

The firewall is meant to keep hackers out. Any pointers from the weekly report will be implemented

Deleting Post Revisions

Your website grows as you save post revisions which can slow down you website performance

Blacklist Monitoring

We check periodically whether your domain or IP address might be blacklisted which could impact on reputation and e-mails ending in the spam folder.

Content Updating

We will update content on your website depending on your plan. It could also mean installing a plugin or theme.

Monthly Report

Depending on your plan, you will receive a monthly report of activities that was undertaken on your website

WooCommerce Websites

We will take extra care of a WooCommerce website due to the critical nature of having your store up and running at all times and be able to quickly recover from any disaster.

Fixing WordPress Bugs

Depending on your plan, we will fix any bugs related to your WordPress website.

Checking for Broken Links

We will scan your entire website on a regular basis to check for broken links. You will be informed of any broken links.

Spam Protection on Forms

We will protect your forms against bots and crawlers to prevent the automatic completion of forms.

Analytics Report

You will receive a weekly report regarding metrics of your website such as number of sessions, popular pages, traffic sources, etc

SEO Ranking

We will keep track of how your keyword ranking changes, find out who your competitors are, and how you stack up against them.

Website Restore

This is when you want to restore your website to restore your website to a previous date.

Speed Optimisation

We will check periodically that your home page is optimised to load fast and achiev at least 80% on Gtmetrix.

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