Duplicating a Live Moodle Website on the Localhost


This service will deliver the following:

  • A duplicated copy of your live Moodle website on your harddrive
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We will duplicate your live Moodle website on the localhost. In so doing, you will be able to:

  1. Explore Moodle on the localhost without messing with the live Moodle website
  2. You will be able to teach staff members about the Moodle website
  3. You will be able to test features, plugins, themes, activities on the localhost and then duplicate the steps on the live Moodle website
  4. You will have an offsite backup copy of your Moodle website

What you do with Moodle on the harddrive does not affect the live Moodle installation and vice versa.

It is assumed that Wampserver is installed and working on your laptop. If not, then you will have to order the Wampserver Install

You will be required to make a backup of your Moodle website and download the backup in advance.

This service is offered via TeamViewer or AnyDesk and will be provided on a date and time that is mutually convenient.