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We provide a service whereby we will signup your website with Google Search Console. In order to use this service, a client must have a valid Google account; in other words, a Gmail e-mail address. We normally advise clients to create a Gmail account specifically dedicated to Google services that do not receive personal or business e-mails.

We can use your Gmail account to signup your website or we can use our Gmail account to sign up your website. Even if we use our Gmail account, we can share this information with you upon request and make you an equal Admin. Thus, you will see the information we are seeing. If we use your Gmail account, then you must provide the login details.

Also, we will require access to your hosting control panel (cPanel, KonsoleH, Plesk, etc) in order to upload a verification file supplied by Google Search Console to ensure that whoever is signing up your website has valid access to the website.

You must also provide us with access to your website’s (WordPress or Joomla) Backend in order to install a plugin or extension to create a sitemap that must be submitted for indexing.

The turnaround time for this service is 5 working days.

Login details must be sent via Telegram or WhatsApp.

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