Website Design Service

website design service

The Website Hoster (Pty) Ltd provides an affordable, yet quality web design service to businesses and organisations. To maintain affordability, we have curated a selection of themes to choose from and thus websites will be designed within the capabilities of the theme. You will provide us with all the content required to design a website.

We are also able to design the following types of websites which starts at R5000.00:

About Our Website Design Service

Starts From R3500.00

Our web design service starts from R3500.00 for a standard website utilising one of the themes in the theme gallery.

Login Details Provided

You will be provided with the Backend/Dashboard login details which will be at the op level, namely Administrator

CMS Based

We utilise WordPress in the design of our websites which is the most popular Content Management System.

Fully Responsive

The website will be fully responsive and mobile-friendly to be viewed on mobile phones and tablets with ease.

Professional Themes

The website will be designed using professional themes that you will select at the bottom on this page.

Optimised Images

A plugin will be installed to optimise images as they are being uploaded to contribute to your websites to load faster

What Is Included in the Website Design Service

* These items are optional

Theme Gallery

You don’t have to use all the sections on the home page of a theme. You decide which sections of the home page you want to keep.

There is always a valid concern from those who want a website designed for them, that if they use a theme like the ones below, then their website is going to look the same as the website of others using the same theme. This is not the case. Even if two or three websites are designed using the same theme, the websites will definitely be different since they will utilise different colours, images, content. They might utilise different sections of the theme.

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