Web Services

R 150.00
R 500.00 Setup Fee
WordPress Monthly Maintenance Service
The following activities will be undertaken on a monthly basis
● Updating WordPress.
● Updating plugins and themes.
● Uptime monitoring.
● Running security scans from time to time.
● Blocking malicious IP addresses.
● Backing up the whole website once per week to Amazon. We will keep the latest 4 backups.
● Backing up the database every night to Amazon. We will keep the latest 7 backups.
● Tweaking and maintaining the firewall to keep hackers out.
R 150.00
Joomla Monthly Maintenance Service
R 0.00

R 1000.00 Setup Fee
Joomla Maintenance Setup Fee
R 750.00

Website Optimisation
Making Your Website Faster
● Caching of content
● Optimising the database
● Minifying CSS & HTML & JavaScript
● Installing a plugin to optimise images as they are being uploaded
● Leveraging the browser cache
● Enabling compression
● Reduce server response time
● Combining requests
● Lazy loading images
● Expiring images
R 350.00

Website Support