R 250.00
R 1500.00 Setup Fee
WordPress Monthly Maintenance Service
The following activities will be undertaken on a monthly basis
● Updating WordPress.
● Updating plugins and themes.
● Uptime monitoring.
● Running security scans from time to time.
● Blocking malicious IP addresses.
● Backing up the whole website once per week to Amazon. We will keep the latest 4 backups.
● Backing up the database every night to Amazon. We will keep the latest 7 backups.
● Tweaking and maintaining the firewall to keep hackers out.
R 150.00
Joomla Monthly Maintenance Service
This service is applicable to Joomla websites which are up to date.

If your website is not on the latest version of Joomla and/or extensions are not up to date, then you must first use our Joomla Update Service.
R 0.00

R 1000.00 Setup Fee
Joomla Maintenance Setup Fee
R 750.00

Website Optimisation
Making Your Website Faster
● Caching of content
● Optimising the database
● Minifying CSS & HTML & JavaScript
● Installing a plugin to optimise images as they are being uploaded
● Leveraging the browser cache
● Enabling compression
● Reduce server response time
● Combining requests
● Lazy loading images
● Expiring images
R 350.00

Website Support
R 750.00

Making a Website Live
We will make a website (Joomla or WordPress) live which you have created on the localhost. You will backup the website using Akeeba and provide a link for us to download the backup.

You will provide the username and password for the control panel (cPanel, Web Panel, KonsoleH). It is crucial that you test that the login details work. If not, then request your hosting provider to send you a new Account details e-mail.

We only make websites live which are hosted on Linux.

The turn around time from paying the invoice and providing the backup and login details is 72 hours.

It is incumbent upon you to ensure that you have enough webspace.