R 1500.00

WordPress Security Service
How much do you think will it cost to unhack a website in terms of not getting business and having to unhack or redesign the website?
R1000? R10 000? R100 000?
Why do you need this service?

  • Securing your website against hackers. Security holes put you at risk.
  • Improving the speed of your website for a better user experience as well as improving your search engine ranking
  • You are not a system administrator necessarily, and the engines running websites are complex. You look after your business and we look after your website
  • You will have more time to concentrate on your business
  • Extra eyes on your website to catch potential problems in time
  • R 500.00

    WordPress Update Service
    We will update WordPress, plugins, and your theme to the latest version.
    You must provide us with the Backend/Dashboard and cPanel or FTP login details.

    The following will be additional costs
  • Replacing outdated plugins which are not in the WordPress repository anymore or have not been updated for more than 2 years.
  • Troubleshooting and/or fixing any errors on the website.

    You will need to provide us with the plugin files for premium/paid-for plugins if the plugin is not updateable in the Backend/Dashboard.
    The turnaround for this service is 5 – 10 working days calculated from the time of payment and availability of login details.

    We will make a backup of the website.
  • R 1250.00

    WordPress Website Speed Optimisation
    The slow loading of your web pages is not only an irritation for visitors, but also for search engines.

    One of the factors that search engine takes into account when ranking your website is the speed of your web pages.

    We will use Gtmetrix (gtmetrix.com) to measure the speed of your home page and optimise it till it reaches 80%.

    You will have to provide us with your Backend/Dashboard login details and your hosting control panel or FTP login details.

    The turnaround time for this service is 10 – 20 working days from the time of settling the invoice and providing the login details.
    R 250.00

    WordPress Maintenance Service
    The monthly maintenance service allows you to focus on your business with the knowledge that someone has your website’s back. So, leave the maintenance to us and focus on your business. We will protect your website against hackers and attacks.

    Basically, you will have an additional set of eyes on the website who can act when the need arises from any challenges pertaining to the maintenance of the website.

    Not one of the websites we have been maintaining for years has been hacked. Our service provides the essential maintenance and security measures that every WordPress website requires in order to keep your website healthy, optimised, and fully secure.
    R 1500.00

    WordPress Website Migration
    Do you want to change Website hosting Service Providers and fear that you will break your website?

    We will migrate your WordPress website from one web hosting provider to another web hosting provider.

    You must provide the login details for both hosting accounts and ensure that it is correct. Otherwise, you must request the correct login details from the web hosting provider.

    It is crucial that the Registrant’s Email address is in your name or that of the company or that the Registrar of your domain will update the nameserver.

    You will be responsible to create e-mail addresses on the new account. We can do it for a small fee
    R 300.00

    WordPress Install on a Hosting Account
    We will install a fresh installation of WordPress on your web hosting account in the main folder or subfolder.

    The customer must supply the log in detail of the hosting control panel (cPanel, Plesk, KonsoleH).

    The turn-around time is 48 hours.

    It is incumbent that customers double-check the login details. If the login details do not work, then the customer must request the new login details from the hosting provider.

    Once WordPress is installed, you will be able to start the design of the website. We will provide you with the Backend/Dashboard login details.

    If you decide to host with us, then we will waive this fee. You will have to order a hosting package first.

    R 750.00

    WordPress Website Publishing
    We will make a WordPress website live which you have designed on the localhost. You will backup the website using Akeeba Backup and provide a link for us to download the backup. The fee for this service includes backups up to 1GB. Backups bigger than 1GB, will attract an additional fee.

    You will provide the username and password for the hosting control panel (cPanel, Control Web Panel, KonsoleH). It is crucial that you test the login details to ensure that it works. If the login details do not work, then you must request your hosting provider to send you the new login details.

    There might be a situation where you are unable to share the login details of your hosting control panel with us for whatsoever reason. In such a situation, you will create an FTP account and share the login details with us. We will provide you with details on how to set up the database.

    We will only work with websites hosted on a Linux server

    The turnaround time from paying the invoice and providing the backup and login details is 48 – 72 hours.

    It is incumbent upon the client to ensure that there is enough webspace and an extra database.
    R 1000.00

    WordPress Published Website Duplication on the Localhost
    You have a live WordPress website and want to have a duplicate of the website on the localhost with a view to play with it or explore it.

    We will duplicate your live WordPress website on your harddrive with a view of you exploring the website.

    You must provide us with the Backend login details of your WordPress website as well as your web hosting control panel.

    We assume that WordPress, the plugins, and the theme is up to date. If not, then make use of our WordPress Update Service.

    Also, that Wampserver is installed and working. If not, then make use of our Wampserver Installation service.

    This service is offered via TeamViewer at an appropriate day and time convenient to both parties.
    R 1000.00

    WordPress installation on a Localhost
    We will install a new instance of WordPress on your harddrive whereby you can design your website offline without being connected to the Internet necessarily.

    The installation will be done via TeamViewer or AnyDesk at a date and time that is convenient for both parties.

    We assume that Wampserver is installed and working. Otherwise, make use of our Wampserver Installation Service and order it alongside this service.