Website Upgrading

Website upgrading entails the following:

  1. Upgrading WordPress
  2. Upgrading Plugins
  3. Upgrading the Theme

Web Security

Web security entails the following:

  1. Implementing a firewall.
  2. Changing file and folder permissions.
  3. Perform a security scan.
  4. Block PHP file execution.
  5. Limit login attempts.
  6. Ban certain usernames.
  7. Enforce strong passwords.
  8. Strong database password.
  9. Activate the .htaccess file to block malicious nots
  10. Implement SSL certificate using Let’s Encrypt if your hosting provider provides for it.
  11. Upgrade your PHP if your hosting provider provides for it.

Website Backup

Website backup entails the following which is once-off :

  1. Backing up the database to Amazon
  2. Backing up the website to Amazon

Website Health

Website health entails the following:

  1. Checking for broken links.
  2. Create sitemap and submit to Google Search Console.
  3. Sign up with website with Google Analytics, if needed.
  4. Create a weekly report to be sent to client which will show amongst other: number of visitors, bounce rate, average time spend on a page, popular pages, etc
  5. Check DNS settings such as DMARC, DKIM, SPF. Important to ensure that your e-mails are delivered.
  6. Add the Facebook Pixel to your website.
  7. Check whether your website or IP address has been blacklisted.
  8. Check domain ownership.

Website Speed

Website speed entails the following:

  1. Run a Gtmetrix ( report on the home page.
  2. Fix errors on the home page to achieve at least 80%.
  3. Minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  4. Optimise images on the home page.
  5. Leverage browser cache.
  6. Cache content.
  7. Optimise the database.

Cost Implications

There is a once-off cost of R2500.00 to implement the above services.There is a 25% discount for 2 or more websites.

General Remark

  • This is a premier service which no-one offers in South Africa to the extent above.
  • We also offer similar services for Joomla
  • The turn-around time from invoice payment and providing of login details is 10 working days.

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